We’ve been around for a while.

Bromford Iron & Steel Co Ltd are a Made in the Midlands Silver Member

Our History

We’ve been around for a while. In fact, metal has been processed on our site since 1610. We’ve over 200 hundred years of knowledge and experience so when you place an order with us you can trust us to deliver.

  • 1610Bromford Mill was on site with blacksmiths making swords from local iron ore and coal from a 10 yard
    thick seam.
  • 1690Joseph Carles purchased the site and converted it into
    an Iron Forge or Flattening Mill.
  • 1774Roger Holmes bought the mill and involved Mathew Boulton to improve two iron mills on the site.
    The Birmingham to Wolverhampton canal had now opened with access to the works for transport.
  • 1780Holmes converted Bromford Mill into a water powered wire mill and full production started.
  • 1800Wright & Jesson took over and expansion of the company began with the making of wrought iron.
  • 1809Jesson Dawes. Samuel Dawes formed a partnership
    with Jesson.
  • 1818S&J Dawes. Samuel formed a partnership with
    his brother John.
  • 1829John Dawes & Sons. The mill now had 65 puddling furnaces, 2 forges, 7 mils and employed about 700 men and boys making 700 tons of finished iron per week.
  • 1887John Dawes & Sons went bankrupt and Benjamin Scarf and Ezra Hadley bought it to form Bromford Iron Company.
  • 1902Bromford Iron & Steel Company was registered with Scarf as managing director. The mill became the first Continuous Mill in the Midlands to have six stands in line.
  • 1940Darlington & Simpson Rolling Mills bought Bromford and closed the hot rolling because of inadequate billet supply which was rationed under wartime regulations.
  • 1943Joe Ashmore bought Bromford and restarted the rolling mills when billet supply became easier.
  • 1958Charles Cooper bought Bromford which by that time
    was a scrap yard and set about modernising the plant.
    C I Group was formed which eventually incorporated Bromford along with Redman Fisher and many other companies. By this time Bromford was a specialist
    Hot Re-Roller, Cold Roller, Acid Pickler and makers
    of Wire Reinforcing Mesh.
  • 1995Ash & Lacy Group took over C I Group and substantial reinvestment was put into the Hot Mills to increase their range and include section rolling.
  • 2000Hill & Smith Group Plc took over Ash & Lacy Group.
  • 2001 – 2014Hill and smith ownership saw extensive investment
    in the latest rolling mill plant and technology.
  • 2014Bromford purchased by specialist steel manufacturing group OSSL. Extensive investment has been undertaken
    in control systems enhancing tolerance control and dimensional stability.

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